White Men Can’t Jump

“White Men Can’t Jump” was a movie about playground basketball, specifically, about two hustlers played by Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. It makes sense when a black American tells his white friend that white men can’t jump. But can a Filipino basketball player say it to a Lithuanian or a Russian?


Workshop Articles for the 30th Sunday: The Greatest Commandment


The Workshop articles for the 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time are now available. Matthew 22:34-40 will be read on that day, the question about the greatest commandment. Below are the links.

There were 613 laws in the Law of Moses. 611 is the numerical equivalent of “Torah”. Add to this the command to Adam (Be fruitful and multiply) and the law of circumcision (to Abraham), and the whole make up 613. Rabbinic schools researched on the greatest commandment, that is, the commandment that includes all others. Jesus’ answer is derived from two texts, one from Deuteronomy and the other from Leviticus. He says the whole Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.

Thinking of Whales II

Give the credit to “free association of ideas”. After the previous post, I remember the humpedback whale that John Denver mentions in his song “I Wanna Live”. The song is especial because of the memory of the first real retreat that I attended. It was directed by Fr. Sonny Ramirez, OP and the John Denver song was played as part of an exercise in community-building. In the community, so the meditation went, each of the members have a fundamental desire: to live, to grow, to love. Community-living is precisely to live in such a way that the other is able to fulfill his fundamental desire.

Thinking of Whales

This week we are going to read from the prophet Jonah. If one thinks of the prophet Jonah, the first thing that comes to mind is the whale that swallows him, right? Well, as I was preparing my post about Jonah for Your Daily Inspiration, I got to thinking “whale” and then “Moby Dick” and then one of the cartoons I associated with Tito Pepe’s Clubhouse 9 (the other two being Shazam and Might Thor), “Moby Dick”, a white whale that accompanies two boys in their sea adventures.

What is “Anti-Life”?

condom cartoon-sm

Someone called my attention to a Philippine Daily Inquirer written by Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ on the RH Bill Debates. The article is found here. In the article, the Jesuit lawmaker tried to clarify certain words being used in the current debate. The first is “Family Planning” and the second is “anti-life”. The hub of the argument is about the phrase “anti-life” which he writes is more applicable to abortion and not to contraception nor the abstention from sex. The article can be outlined thus:

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