I started this blog sometime in 2005 when I was still putting up the Collectanea, a collection of HTML tutorials I wrote for students who volunteered to update our school website. “Mixed Innuendoes” then was intended to be a resource for software applications that one can use to enhance one’s desktop and HTML-related activities. I also wanted it to be a kind of review for the applications I try and actually use. But then I got side-tracked by my work.

From 2005 onwards, I got myself involved in building up Basic Ecclesial Communities. I had to train people in BEC leadership and this required that I teach Scriptures. And so I set up websites that were geared towards giving BEC leaders a valid help in their study of Scriptures. Thus were born Res Biblica (2005), the Bible Workshop (2008) and Bibliya Tagala (2009), all of which are housed at Biblista.NET. Right now I am having problems accessing the website and so I am reactivating this old blog and giving its name “Mixed Innuendoes” a new twist.

mix mix

“Mixed Innuendoes” was based on the idea of “Mixed Nuts”. The blog was supposed to contain a mixture of topics ranging from Life in the Philippines, to Software, Popular Culture, Religion and other themes that come to mind. A kind of catch-all for topics that I cannot categorize under Bible and Spirituality. With the addition of a section under “Bible Workshop” this blog has become truly mixed up.

The main contributor to this blog is the same one who writes for Mystical Geek. He is an Augustinian friar, and has been writing webpages since August 1999. From the time he logged onto the web in 1998, he was convinced that the Church could not do without the internet. Since then he has been vindicated in this conviction by John Paul II and Benedict XVI who, in different ways, have declared that evangelization cannot proceed ignoring the means provided by the World Wide Web.


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