Drawing Conscience

If you were asked to draw “Conscience” for adults, how would you do it?

me thinking

Perhaps you still remember how a Grasshopper became a wooden puppet’s conscience in “Pinocchio”. When I first saw the movie as a kid, I wished I had a conscience as cute as Pinocchio’s. I would have put him in a glass container to watch but not to listen to. Adults would probably treat him as they would any grasshopper: an insect to be squashed beneath their shoes.


Below is an image that comes close to the idea of conscience as a “voice” inside that tells one whether one is being good or not. But that is small kid’s stuff. I outgrew it quick — a voice from within? That sounded weird … and crazy.


I saw a Popeye episode once where the spinach-eating sailor had to struggle with consciences that tried to get his attention. One was a bad conscience and the other was good. The closest image I can find to that Popeye episode is the picture below. But that’s kid stuff too.

So how would you draw “conscience” for an adult?


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