Windows Bend

Windows Bend … Man, I think software developers are overdoing it. A text editor is for writing notes and composing webpages, javascripts and other programmes compiled for the web. So one would expect text editors to be functional and aesthetically tolerable at least. Windows has its native text editor in Notepad. It is small, quick-loading, but could not open large files. So Notepad replacements are made to improve on the limitations of Windows Notepad in terms of functionality. Ability to open large files, multi-document interface, syntax highlighting, word wrap … all these without making the application bulky and slow. With the current batch of Windows Notepad replacements, however, aesthetics seem to be more of a concern.

I have written something about FluentNotepad with its Ribbon Interface. It looks good, but it is not very useful. Windows Bend is the same, I am afraid. It looks good, hasn’t crashed on me yet, works with the Windows .Net Framework 4, but it is still the old Notepad with a few more features.

Hmmmm….. And it was difficult to find too.

If you try to Google Windows Bend, you’d find quite a number of pages describing it. Below are a few pages:

The last article above gives a download link to Bend.

You know, Bend may look better than FluentNotepad, but it does not have the word count feature that the latter has.


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