Defective Babies

right to life

In ancient times, defective children were either killed or abandoned and left to die. With present advances in technology, one can detect “defective” infants even while yet in the womb of the mother and prevent their birth. “Defective” can refer to the unborn having “Down’s syndrome” or in some cultures, a female child.

Recently, a report was submitted to the L’Osservatore Romano entitled “The Elimination of the Imperfect.” It is a report that answers the question “Where are the children marked by genetic diseases?”

Carlo Bellieni wrote a report for the Vatican’s semi-official daily last week called “The Elimination of the Imperfect.”

“We note it by looking around us; we no longer see ‘imperfect’ children, marked by genetic diseases,” observed Bellieni. “Censured by the media, sheltered by their families from a society that no longer accepts them (…) but above all aborted,” these children “are systematically detected before being born and, once identified, they are often banned from being born.”

“What is grave,” the doctor stated, “is that this screening and selection no longer surprises us: it’s the norm.” Mongoloid

In France, 96% of babies with Down’s syndrome are aborted, noted the neonatologist. And he cited a Parisian official who recently said in Parliament: The real question I ask myself is why does the 4% remain?

Bellieni said the push to abort children with genetic conditions reflects a society that is unable to accept differences, as well as “families’ sense of shame, feeling that they are outside the genetic law, and keep the sick child within domestic walls.”

The specialist also pointed to another consequence of “prenatal selection and social marginalization.” “It impedes research on therapy,” he said.

More in “Aborting the Imperfect…”

In the Philippines, the RH Bill currently being debated — if approved — would bring about the prevention of the births of infants whose main defect is that they have parents who are “poor”. This is happening now, in fact, since couples who are poor and who already have more than two or three children, are advised by some doctors with the tacit approval of the DOH to undergo ligation or vasectomy. Senator Ponce Enrile has proven that there is nothing “healthy” about the so-called “reproductive health bill” since it is only about population control. Miriam Santiago has shown by her support of the RH Bill, that the population growth of the “poor” need to be controlled. Now I ask you, who gave anyone the right to decide that a defective baby — whether Mongoloid, female or “poor” — should be prevented from being born?


One comment on “Defective Babies

  1. amen! god is the only one who can make that decsion. he gives you that child! you should care for him/her as if her/she were normal! i’ve met people with downs syndrome. they are the brightest & friendlist people i’ve ever met in my life!

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