Send in the Clowns and Ramon Zamora

Return of the Dragon

I was listening to RJ 100 this afternoon and the song “Send in the Clowns” was played. The first time I heard the song was in a dance number in the TV show “Super Laff-in”. The dance number, an interpretative ballet, featured Ramon Zamora and the Laff-In dance troupe.

Not a lot of people know this, but Ramon Zamora was a dancer (like Dolphy before him) before he began doing spoofs of Bruce Lee in Philippine movies. Well, he became later on associated with Pinoy-kung-fu and comic movies, and I never saw Ramon Zamora dance on TV again. But every time I hear “Send in the Clowns” I remember Ramon Zamora, his face made up like a clown with a sad face, wooing a girl who would not see the person behind the clown mask. In the end, the girl would love somebody else — someone without a mask.

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