The Legion of Mary – 90 Years

legion of mary

Today the Legion of Mary in the Philippines is celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of the Legion of Mary at the Henares Gym, Antipolo City, PH. This Marian movement was founded in Dublin, Ireland on September 7, 1921 by Frank Duff (June 7, 1889-November 7, 1990) whose cause for canonisation was introduced by Cardinal Desmond Connell.

More at Legion of Mary Website

The Legion of Mary was established in the Philippines by a Spanish Vincentian priest, R. P. Manuel Garcia CM in 1940. Between 1941 (Pearl Harbor) and 1945 (Liberation of Manila) the Legionaries in Manila jumped from one curia with its twelve praesidia to “one comitium, three senior curiae and a junior and over one hundred praesidia.” By 1947, the Legion of Mary already has an envoy to South America in the person of Filipina native, Miss Joaquina Lucas, one of the founding members of the Legion in Manila. By the mid 1980’s, the Philippines already had 15,500 praesidia with nearly 200,000 active members.

See also “Legion of Mary” in Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort

More information about the Legion of Mary


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