Make Love Not War ( Dado Edition)

peace, man!

“Sex or violence?”. In Dado, a village in Maguindanao, Philippines, the question ceases to be a matter for academic or internet forum discussions. It actually became a choice for war or sexual abstinence when a group of women challenged their men-folk to desist from joining clan wars or suffer the consequence of not enjoying the pleasure of the marital bed … again. The Philippine Star today bears the news of a group of women

who had set up a sewing business but found that they could not deliver their products because the village road was closed by (sic!) the threat of violence … The sewing group’s leader, Hasna Kandatu, said they warned their husbands they would be cut off from sex if they continued causing trouble. “If you go there (to fight), you won’t be able to come back. I won’t accept you”, Kandatu recalled telling her husband…

Her husband, Lengs Kupong, recalled his wife telling him: “If you do bad things, you will be cut off, here” he said, motioning below his waist.

So in the meanwhile, there is some peace in this part of southwestern Philippines, thanks to the women. John Paul II once wrote that women are experts in humanity. What do you think: if more wives would give the same choice to their husbands as Hasna Kandatu did, would there be peace — not only in Maguindanao, but in the whole world — at last?


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