The DareDevil: a Devil-costumed Catholic


Speaking of Catholic superheroes, did you know that the DareDevil is a Catholic?

Daredevil’s alter ego Matt Murdock is a pro-bono lawyer working in New York. He is known to his parish priest — whom he visits for confession — not only as a lawyer but as a devil-costumed vigilante working in Hell’s Kitchen. This is what we already know from the Daredevil movie from 2003. Frank Miller has come out with a comic book called “Born Again” which reveals the mother of Matt Murdock. She’s a nun!

In the “Born Again” storyline written by Frank Miller, it was revealed that Matt Murdock’s mother, who he never knew as a child, had left his father sometime after Matt was born and became a nun. Sister Maggie apparently watched her son from afar throughout his life. In the “Born Again” story, Sister Maggie saves Matt Murdock from dying after she finds him severely injured by the Kingpin. When he touches the gold cross that Sister Maggie wears, Matt recalls that the same nun wearing the same cross came to him after he was injurred in the accident that first blinded him and gave him his super powers in his youth. Matt asked Sister Maggie if she as his mother, and although she lied to him and said no, his heightened sense of smell confirmed to him that her scent was so close to his that she was his mother.

More about Matt Murdock/DareDevil>>>


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