Media in the Philippines, a French Perspective

I just came from a lecture on communications media where the speaker, a French national, compared the state of communications media in the Philippines and in France. She has worked as a media reporter and is currently earning a degree in social communications. The speaker has been living in the Philippines for two years now but she missed some important things about the Philippines that affected the way she presented her lecture.

First, she made the observation that radio news reports here in the Philippines are detailed and fastidious. That made me wonder — what programs does she listen to? I listen to Corina and Ted Failon but I don’t find them fastidious. I find them entertaining. In fact, radio commentators in the Philippines don’t just give news reports. They also comment on them and most often also make fun of the people involved in the news story.

And then the speaker also missed the fact that the Philippines is made up of different islands, and its people talk in different languages. Even the inhabitants of Luzon, separated as they are by mountains, don’t share the same language. In France, one will not find the variety of cultures that can be found in the Philippines.

Lastly, she didn’t seem aware that one of our biggest human rights problems — the murder of news reporters — is happening outside of Mindanao. Even the Visayas and Luzon have their share of murdered newspaper and radio reporters.

Bonum ex integra causa; malum ex quodcumque defectu. If she had prepared her lecture better, I would have given her a B+.


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