Why Catholics Have Large Families

Those who promote a healthy sex life usually mean sex without pregnancy — as if getting pregnant or a sexual life that is open to fertility is a disease. Catholics contend that a healthy sex life is one that follows a particular order: God above all, man below God and all other things — career, dreams, ambitions, etc. — below man. Below is Philip Lawler…

We aren’t the people who should be required to explain ourselves. It is the people who deliberately frustrate the natural process who should be asked to give a good reason for their strange behavior. I suggest that Catholics—and all others who welcome God’s design for human reproduction—stop making explanations, and instead ask the nosy questioners to explain their apparent ignorance. Do they really not know why we have children?

If there’s anything ruder than inquiries into why one has so many children, it’s the insufferable question: “Are you going to stop now?” If the sort of people who ask that question were capable of feeling embarrassment, they should be brought up short by a quick reply:

“Stop what?”

Read Philip Lawler’s article here.


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