Drawing Conscience

If you were asked to draw “Conscience” for adults, how would you do it?

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What is “Anti-Life”?

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Someone called my attention to a Philippine Daily Inquirer written by Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ on the RH Bill Debates. The article is found here. In the article, the Jesuit lawmaker tried to clarify certain words being used in the current debate. The first is “Family Planning” and the second is “anti-life”. The hub of the argument is about the phrase “anti-life” which he writes is more applicable to abortion and not to contraception nor the abstention from sex. The article can be outlined thus:

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I would sub-title it “living life Stoically”. And it is inspired by Stoicism, that philosophy of contentedness meant for those who would like to get much out of this life without trying too hard, like the Epicureans.

“Desiderata” was written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945). In 1956, the rector of St. Paul’s Church in Baltimore, Maryland, used the poem in a collection of mimeographed inspirational material for his congregation. Someone who subsequently printed it asserted that it was found in Old St. Paul’s Church, dated 1692. The year 1692 was the founding date of the church and has nothing to do with the poem.

Phrases: Desiderata

Confused History of Desiderata