Kompashka’s Online Journal

I began working on CGI-Perl Scripts back in 2002 and one of the first scripts I really enjoyed using was Kompashka’s Online Journal. It was easy to configure and not very difficult to use. I used to have it installed in Esmeralda-PH.COM and called it through an HTML page at Geocities.COM. And then I discovered Coranto and somehow this became my main publishing tool. When Esmeralda-PH had to close down, I simply forgot about the Online Journal thinking that it would be easy to retrieve. But as it turned out, Hypermart.NET closed down and with it, the Zuzusoft website of the Kompashka Online Journal.

This morning, I found out a link to a download of the Online Journal from a page at Tripod.Com. Now, I have it installed it here. I hope that people at Frihost won’t mind me using CGI.


One comment on “Kompashka’s Online Journal

  1. […] days, I have been testing font combinations for use on my webpages, chiefly those created by the Kompashka’s Online Journal. Below are the collections I have […]

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