Have you checked out Writely.Com yet? It is a website for collaborative work on documents. You can upload a MSWord document allow others to edit it and then you can download it later on. It is just the kind of tool that students and even professionals would like to work with. If this website succeeds, we might as well say good-bye to the Wiki as we know it know.

Writely is for the moment free. It is still in Beta and I found that there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out, like the blogging functions. You can have a document posted in your blogs through Writely, but I didn’t quite succeed in doing so for this site and another one at Blogger. But even if you cannot publish it in a blog, there is also a Web publishing facility that makes your document browsable through the servers of Writely itself.

I hope that Writely’s no-cost service would always remain no-cost even beyond Beta. There was another website that offered the same services called “Goffice” but I think they’ve gone commercial. In any case, if you are a secretary, you can impress your boss with the service. 🙂 Visit Writely.


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