Opera 9 Up and Flying!

Opera 9

Opera is the Norwegian-made browser that is competing for its market share against Mozilla Firefox and Explorer. It used to be commercial but after version 7 it began to be offered for free. Its marketing strategy is sound and may pose a serious threat to both Firefox and I. E. Consider this:

  1. It focuses on the young
  2. It has a vibrant community of users
  3. It has an international version for its browser (no need downloading of extra language packs as in I. E.)

It is now on its 9th release and is available for download. What’s more it is free. Features include:

  • tab browsing
  • skinnable interface
  • widgets (in FireFox lingo, plugins)
  • BitTorrent support (for those monster downloads)

And did I already say you also get a free blog and photoalbum site? 😀