Great Browser Extension

Finally, a browser extension that allows one to blog.  Performancing.Com’s FireFox blogging extension should remain among the favorites at the FireFox central for a long time.  Those who are familiar with Qumana’s blogging software would find it easy to configure this blogging extension.  It is made to work with WordPress.Com and Blogger.Com among others and one can also use it for one’s blog site.
I have used Performancing’s FF extension for AngFrayle and decided to keep it.  I am a Qumana user but it seems to require a lot of memory from my Windows98.  Performancing, however, doesn’t seem to create problems.
The extension can work well with three other FF extensions:  Scrapbook (for capturing webpages and storing them in your browser’s sidebar), QuickNote (your FF Notepad, good for copy and paste operations) and Sage (a newsreader).   The image above shows the Performancing editor positioned just below a webpage that I have taken out of the Scrapbook.  The same can be done online using a newsreader.  With this kind of arrangement, it is easy to quote from a webpage and make a comment.