The Right To Mock?

Andrew Sullivan has a post on the Danish cartoons (you know, the ones making fun of Mohammet) and he calls it “The Right to Mock”. He even has a follow-up on the same topic where he calls the Pope a “fundamentalist” because “sides” with the Moslems on the issue.

Freedom does not mean that anyone can now tread on the toes of another. Besides, if anyone recognizes the freedom of religion, the basic attitude should be respect for anyone’s religion, not mockery.


Stalking Someone Through A Cellphone

Your mobile phone company could make money from selling information about your location to the companies that offer this service. If you have any reason to suspect that your phone might have been out of your sight, even for five minutes, and there is anyone who might want to track you: call your phone company and ask it to find out if there is a trace on your phone. Anybody could be watching you. It could be me.

Read this Guardian Unlimitied article entitled “How I Stalked My girlfriend”. Watch out: there is a website out there (the author does not mention it) that tracks a cellphone’s whereabouts.