When Is The Best Time To Blog?

“When is the best time to blog?” The answer to this question should have been obvious in the previous posts I made. If you are a professional blogger, that is. Professional bloggers compete for readership, hence timing is important. But if you are like some web hobbyists I know and you are using blogging as a way of creatively using your time, then the question may not be that important.

I spend quite some time on the web reading, sometimes downloading or even updating a website . It is when I am downloading software that I get the urge to blog. You are logged into the internet waiting for a download to be completed, so what do you do in the meantime? If I had nothing to read on the web, I write. Hence I blog. I don’t expect other people to read these blogs anyway except those who “passing by” my website would wonder what I am doing.

Sometimes I get an email message that I think should be shared, so I post it on a blog. At other times, it is an article from one of my bookmarked sites that I blog about. I quote a part of it, create a link to the full article and say a few things about it. Sometimes if I think that some graphic needs to be used to illustrate the point of the article, I post that as well. These are all done at the spur of the moment; the moment that is, when I make my “discovery.” It doesn’t matter whether that occurs at 3 AM or 3 PM or even 10 in the evening. I “blog” about it… and that’s it. If someone chances upon that post through a trackback or even a search, then I hope that the one who finds it may have some use for it.

Not all blogs are useful. Blogging, like kissing your wife, can be the most useless activity you do in the day. And as useless things go, these are not scheduled or timed.