Timing Your Blogs

Chris Garret of Performancing.Com writes about the value of timing for bloggers. I think that this would be interesting for bloggers here. Garret discusses his topic under the following headings:

  • Posting Rhythm
  • Time of Day
  • Traffic Days
  • Niche Rhythm

He writes:

First of all we want there to be a good chance of your return visitor seeing fresh content. If they do not see anything new there might be a thought in their mind that your blog is going stale and they should unsubscribe.

Secondly you want your really good stuff to get prominence, if you post fluff after your best post of the day you might be reducing the chances of subscriptions as the first impression will be the fluff rather than the most representative work.

Both of these factors come down to timing. The way you can work out your posting schedule is by looking at your stats.

Among the four topics he writes about, I could not understand “niche” at first until I noticed that my blog called “The Sacred Page” seems to get a lot of reads on Sundays but none on weekdays!

One factor I haven’t mentioned yet is other blogs in your niche. Is there a certain day when everyone seems to post? Are there regularly slow news days? Maybe you could get more attention, links and tags on days where it is quiet, or maybe the reason why everyone posts on certain days is because on the quiet days posts go down like a lead balloon

Read the full article here.


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