B2Evo Phoenix

Francois Planque’s B2Evolution — sister of WordPress — is now on its 1.6 version. But even in its 0.9.0.+ status, it was already displaying certain features that I fail to find in WordPress. For me, the more important plus is the multi-blog capability. Even in its early versions, B2Evo’s default install already had four blogs in it: one “blog” that showed the posts of the other blogs, a linkblog that appeared on the sidebar (if you choose to configure it that way) and two other blogs where one can put longer content. I’ve been looking for ways to have the same thing done for WordPress, but the multiplied plugin doesn’t seem to work Strayhorn 1.5.2 (Not even WordPress 2.0 has this multi-blog feature). I guess that on this aspect Planque’s B2Evo is better than WordPress.

I have Phoenix installed here.


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