Of Religious Cults and Charismatic Personalities

The most commented blogs at Mouse and Keys are about Apollo Quiboloy and the Iglesya Ni Cristo. Apollo C. Quiboloy is of course the self-styled Son of God in Davao. He has quite a following though not as numberous as the Iglesya Ni Cristo. Quiboloy’s cult started out as a Born-Again groups which has been multiplying in the Philippines since the 1970s. Quiboloy was taken out of their “Christian” association when he started telling people that he is the new Son of God of these days.

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I’m back with this shiny new WordPress installation. BlogCMS is too large and clumsy and Serendipity is too complicated. I prefer something smooth and light, elegant and nice.

I still don’t know what I’m going to write here. The Geeky stuff can be found at the WebFriar’s Blogs while Inside Out holds my logoi katholikoi. So I think I’ll keep this as my link blog and keep other BlogMeisters happy by sending them visitors. This in a way will help ease traffic from my personal site and keep it within its bandwidth limits.